Monday, 2 September 2013

ペコロスの母に会いに行く (Pekorosu no haha ni ai ni iku), in English it means 'Meet Little Onion's Mother' literally, as well as in Chinese. Pekorosu  means 'little onion' which is the pen name of the author, as he is stout and has a shiny bald head. This book is a comic novel. I found it quite interesting and I took three days to finish as I'm a slow reader.
          Basically, this book is about the author and his aging mother with dementia which gradually worsens from day to day. She has the sign of dementia after the death of his husband (author's father), then she suffers from stroke, his son (author) sends her to the nursing home. The author works as an editor in publishing company and often goes to visit his mother in the nursing home. Sometimes, his mother can't recognize him but she can remember the past very well. She also experiences delusion by seeing her friends who have passed away and even her husband. However, she is happy to have author's father to drop by, and said that having dementia is not a bad thing after all.
His mother claimed that she couldn't see his son's hair, in  fact, he is bald!!
          It's indeed the most interesting book I have ever read. It would be great if this book is translated to other languages.  This book is also made into movie and will be released in November in Japan, not sure if it will be released in other country. Looking forward for the movie!!

The movie

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Here is a picture taken during Form 5. Guess what are these, these are soups which were prepared in the lab. Interesting huh? Near the end of school, we learnt about saponification which is a process of hydrolysis of fat or oil with alkali to form soap. The day before the experiment, we were told to bring our perfumes to give the soap sweet scent. It was my first time making soap and I felt tremendously excited. First, we were told to dissolve the sodium hydroxide and heat the oil gently in a beaker. Then, we added the solution to the heated oil while stirring it until it hardened. After that, we added some perfumes to the mixture and filtered it to get the soap. It turned out that the soap is much more smaller than I expected, and the smell of oil is stronger than the perfume. Some of my friends brought curry powder and packets of flavoring of instant noodles as their ''perfumes'' to the soaps. Guess what? the soaps had the smell of curry and instant noodle, certainly interesting however, the colour of the soaps were GROSS, that made me feel sick of curry the following weeks. After home, I molded the soap into a lovable shape as in the picture. I gifted to my friends as I have nowhere to keep. Therefore, I took a picture of it as a remembrance of this fun and memorable experiment. I <3 Chemistry !!!

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